Anja of Sweden is a fashion designer that was established in 1986. Feeling very privileged that her daughter, Sabrina, has become part of this business. We take deep pride in selecting amazing other designers that have become a big part of our business, just like family. 

Under the leadership of a mother-daughter team, we create clothing for women across the globe.

Our Mission

At Anja of Sweden, we aim to provide chic clothing and items that are designed to enhance the beauty and boost the confidence of every woman.
We stand behind the quality of our products, and all of them are crafted with keen attention to detail.

Our Story

When our founder was still a little girl, her grandmother introduced her to the beauty of fabrics. During her teenage years, she would make clothing at night. Our founder would sit and cut fabrics after coming home at 2:00 AM in the restaurants. Fashion is one of the things that made a significant impact on her life.

Our founder’s love for fabrics eventually developed into a passion for making clothing that will make women feel confident, classy, stylish, ageless, sexy, and powerful. She is committed to what she does, and she always goes the extra mile to come up with stunning fashion creations.

In 1986, our founder established Anja of Sweden. Together with her daughter, she aims to deliver timeless clothing, footwear, and accessories to women worldwide.